Cycleway completion in Auckland: 2019 update


Wondering how cycleway construction is progressing in Auckland? Wonder no more, with this extremely comprehensive update from the good people at Bike Auckland. 

The short version is that there’s never been a better time to start cycling in Auckland, with the cycle network more complete than it’s ever been - but there’s still a very long way to go. Here’s a look at how the Auckland cycleway network looks currently. As it stands, a good number of suburbs are now close to a CBD-connected cycleway. 

unnamed (3).png

Image credit: Hamish Campbell, Polemic

We suggest nipping on over to Bike Auckland’s site to see if any of their Auckland cycling news roundup applies to your area. If somewhere near you is one of the areas that they’ve reported to be lagging behind schedule, it’s always worth getting in touch with AT and your local board and making your thoughts heard. Non-partisan climate change mitigation group Generation Zero also have a petition underway to get bike lanes on Karangahape Road, which we think is a great idea - go get amongst it! 

Stay safe out there!