Top tips for winter riding in Auckland from Boltra


With winter now very much here, every e-biker’s thoughts are going to be turning to how they’d like to be able to keep up their quick, cheap and convenient cycle commute. 

We’ve put together some top tips on how to stay on the bike no matter the weather. 

  1. Invest in a good Gore-Tex jacket.
    There’s nothing quite like having a good jacket for the bike when the weather sets in. Traditional cyclists often opt for thin, close-fitting tops that encourage water to go straight through it, which allows them to stay warm if it gets wet. The downside of that, of course, is that a form-fitting skivvy isn’t usually office attire. Luckily, on an e-bike, sweat isn’t really a factor, and being able to bike in your work gear is a big part of the attraction. A Gore-Tex “shell” jacket is the perfect material for wearing over your work gear. It’s thin, light, completely waterproof, and it breathes. It’ll come in handy for more than just the bike, too. Get the right jacket, and it can do double or triple duty as a hiking jacket or as part of a skiing or snowboarding ensemble. 

  2. Get a waterproof bag
    Humans deal just fine with being a bit wet. Laptops and other electrics do less well. If you’ve got a waterproof backpack with a laptop compartment (available from any good outdoor retailer) you won’t even have to worry about it. And a ziplock bag will do just fine for laptops and phones in a pinch if you need something quick and easy. 

  3. Keep a spare pair of clothes at work.
    In Auckland, rain tends to be sporadic. There are usually plenty of windows in which you can fit a dry commute when the weather’s trying to make up its mind. However, there’s still a chance you’ll get caught short in a downpour. If you bike in your work gear, it’s always good to have a spare something-you-won’t-mind-wearing-at-work. And if you’ve taken our advice in step two and picked up a waterproof bag or backpack, you’ll be able to sneak a spare pair of goes-with-anything jeans in and a travel towel in there, no trouble. 

  4. Laugh in the face of weather - and traffic
    When the weather looks even slightly iffy, one thing’s for sure: the traffic gets even worse than usual. Most people take to their cars. But if you’re an exception, you’re virtually guaranteed a quicker commute than anyone stuck in gridlock. Sail down the cycleways, fly past traffic jams, and get to work quicker than ever - and no damper than the poor car commuter who got caught in the rain on the way from the $30-a-day early-bird car-park. 

See you on the bike paths!