What if something goes wrong while I am renting a bike?

Your BOLTRA bike is designed for the road only. Upon delivery the BOLTRA team will run you through a quick checklist to ensure you can take the best care of your bike. Stick to road and nothing will go wrong!

Like riding any e-bike you will need to abide by the road rules. Wear your helmet, use your lights and always beware of cars and pedestrians.

If something goes wrong contact BOLTRA straight away and we'll resolve any issues as soon as we possibly can.

How does the unlimited maintenance work?

BOLTRA aims to keep you on the road 24/7 and will take care of any maintenance your e-bike needs. Maintenance will be subject to review - and if it looks like you have been doing mad jumps on a dirt track, we will have to review your lease term and you could be subject to additional payment to cover any damage that you have caused. Read about our Commuter Pass cover by clicking here.

For everything else, BOLTRA has you covered. Any issues with the battery, tires, brakes or if anything else is just not quite right - you can schedule a repair at a time that suits you. If we need to we will replace you bike so you can carry out your lease with no down time at all.

Can I sign up for a BOLTRA commuter pass outside of Auckland?

BOLTRA is a start up and our Commuter Pass e-bikes are currently only available in Auckland Central. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming locations.

How does the insurance work?

Your BOLTRA subscription cost covers you for general maintenance as well as theft insurance in the unlikely event that your bicycle is stolen. 

On delivery the BOLTRA team will give you a theft proof lock to use and show you how best to avoid thieves.

BOLTRA customers need to ensure they have used the lock correctly, as BOLTRA theft insurance only covers theft, intentional damage or vandalism whist contained in a secure location.

If you have your own personal home and contents insurance then your BOLTRA bike can be covered under your policy during your rental period. We also have extra cover insurance options available for peace of mind, details about these cover options can be read by clicking here.

I've never used an electric bike before, can I test ride one first?

E bikes are not only fun, they're also super easy to ride. BOLTRA is happy for you to take your ride for a spin upon delivery before committing to a 30 day lease. Once you have a spin on one of these bikes you will more than likely want to buy one outright.

Keep an eye on our social media account here for updates on 'ride days' at different locations around Auckland city.

BOLTRA is not for customers that have never used a bicycle a before and we recommend checking out the council classes for new cyclists before jumping on a e-bike for the first time.

I want to keep my bike for longer than a month, what do I do?

BOLTRA subscriptions automatically roll over every month so if you want to keep your bike then you don't need to do anything. One month is the minimum rental period but there is no limit to how long you can keep renting for. If you haven't arranged for your bike to be returned before the end of your first month of rental then you will be automatically billed each month on the date of your initial delivery. You can return your bike at any stage before the end of each rental period and you will not be charged for an additional month.

Where are the bikes from?

Quality products is a critical component of BOLTRA bikes. We import our bikes from the world leaders in the e-bike market, this means sourcing from places where cycling is the most popular means of transport and the options available are well ahead of any other regions in the world.

Our current stockists are:
Biomega, headquartered in Denmark and manufactured in Germany.
Hikobike, headquartered in New Zealand.

How do I pay for my BOLTRA Commuter Pass?

When you first order your Commuter Pass on our site you will need to supply credit/debit card details to complete the first payment, you will automatically be billed each subsequent month from the date of your initial delivery until your arrange for your bike to be returned.  You can cancel anytime by booking a return service here.

If the bike has not been scheduled for return before the end of your monthly billing cycle you will be automatically charged for the next month.