The Boltra Team

Our mission is to speed up New Zealand's shift towards sustainable transport and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. We are doing this by breaking down the barriers to owning and using e-bikes through our all inclusive monthly subscriptions.

Our team was disenchanted by the public transport options on offer and sick of wasting so much time sitting in and contributing to Auckland's traffic. We purchased and tried commuting on standard push bikes for awhile as e-bikes were a bit out of our price range (unfortunately we don't all have a spare few thousand dollars lying around to buy an e-bike) but found the purchasing experience and customer service intimidating and uninspiring. The commutes on a regular bike in Auckland with its rather hilly landscape far too often resulted in being a hot, sweaty mess on arrival. Also the fact that you've got to know how, learn to or pay someone to maintain your bike to keep it riding smoothly and safe on the streets. We thought that there had to be a better way of doing this and after putting our thinking caps on Boltra and our Monthly E-Bike Subscriptions were born. Created in part to solve our own commuting dilemmas Boltra offers our customers a friendly, affordable and all inclusive electric bike service for worry free riding!




Founded in 2017,  its New Zealand's first e-bike subscription service. Boltra's vision is to get thousands of Kiwis out of their cars and commuting via more sustainable options. We're here to help anyone that wants to get on an e-bike rather than get in their car. 

This is just the beginning, Boltra is working hard to offer customer a wide variety of world class brands, styles and flexible subscriptions to suit any type of commuter. Customers can visit the site to select an e-bike and subscription of their choice all of which include unlimited maintenance, lock, theft insurance, delivery and pick up.

It's super simple and we're always here to help, as one customer said, "it's as easy as ordering a pizza!"

Traffic seems to be worse than ever. Fortunately New Zealand has invested heaps into research and infrastructure projects to push bike adoption in our major cities. The benefits of a cycle friendly city are endless. European cities such as Copenhagan and Amsterdam are leading the way in this regard with designs to limit the number and speed of cars in city centers, making public spaces safe and welcoming for everyone, not just drivers. This also results in reduced in traffic congestion on the roads, less pollution and reductions in health related costs from more people out cycling and exercising, not to mention the opportunities that this sort of bike friendly thinking presents for using less cement and introducing more plant life into urban areas.

Bike commuters are healthier and more productive, the benefits of integrating physical activity into daily routines are indisputable - and with e-bikes, its no sweat at all. If you are still not convinced, then you should jump on an e-bike and try one for yourself, you won't stop smiling. Luckily we have the perfect subscription for anyone that wants to try one out.

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The name Boltra is derived from Ogden Bolton Jr, an American inventor who registered one of the first patents for an electric powered bicycle in 1895. At the end of the 19th century there were only two promising motive systems: those based on oil and those based on electricity. Inventions such as torque sensors, power controls, new batteries and better hub motors have allowed the industry to rapidly grow into what it is today. Ogden’s mission was to create a perfect commuting machine and like Boltra, he saw a future where electric bikes would play an important role in personal transport.