BOLTRA is a NZ owned & operated company offering a unique Transport as a Service business model and striving to change Kiwi's perspectives about personal transport

With a focus on daily commuting, we want accelerate NZ's transition towards sustainable transport. BOLTRA was created to lessen New Zealand's dependence on fossil fuel transport & electricity, by breaking down the barriers to own electric vehicles and charging via sustainable means.

The BOLTRA name is derived from Ogen Bolton Jr, who registered one of the first patents for an electric powered bicycle in 1895, during the progressive era. At the end of the 19th century there were only two promising propulsion systems: those based on oil and those based on electricity.

BOLTRA partners with like minded companies and the best manufacturers in business. Together we hope to have more electric bikes on the road and push for more cycle lanes to be created around the country. Join us in the transport revolution and help us step a little lighter on earth.